Alberta Carter works for a major automotive company based in Michigan. Alberta was inspired to write this story by her life long love of animals. Born and raised in Detroit, she graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. Working as an engineer she never dreamed she would write a book until one day while visiting her aunt, she shared her dog Maxim's latest antic. From that visit on, auntie asked "what's that crazy dog done lately".


    Alberta regaled auntie and anyone else within listening range of Maxim's latest escapade.  They enjoyed fun filled days of laughter about Maxim's many stunts.  Their visits usually concluded with auntie saying "you should write a book about that crazy dog".


     After many years of sharing stories with family and friends about her mischievous dog, she finally put pen to paper and chronicled those adventures.  Subsequently, she took auntie's advice and summoned the courage to weave those adventures into a single tale of intrigue.